About the Company

The company sells handmade jewelry crafted by artisan Chilean women to a clientele that is very trendy, appreciates excellent service and is very socially conscious.  

After the success of the last e-commerce store that they have, www.musaaccesorios.cl, the owner wanted to bring the online experience to North America.   


The greatest challenges in building this website is building out the persona for the client.  She has a tried and true model for the overseas market and having to explain to her that she will have to focus on a more narrow niche was a difficulty we overcame.

The positive side of this came out when the site added another eco-conscious feature, which was naturally a part of the original concept but never branded as such.  This is the #noplastic promise that the organization closely embraces.  None of the packaging is made from any single-use plastic.  They only use recyclable and reusable materials for the packaging and boxing.

Another opportunity that grows out of an initial challenge was implementing the shipping options for the website.  Ultimately, it was decided to go with a company that ships everything for a low price and is also carbon-neutral.  This aligns perfectly with the vision and values of the website owner.

We did a complete new layout for the website, including custom product pages, integrated stripe checkout with seamless one-click ApplePay integration, and built it on an AWS sever with Auto-Scaling, Elasticsearch, and Cloudfront.  This server setup coupled with my L2MP stack allows the website to host more than 500 concurrent visitors at a very reasonable cost.

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