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What can great website design do for your business?

Website design is a professional service that helps you create an online presence to spread your message to your target audience.  These are some benefits you can expect when your website has great design.
  • The best possible first impression to your potential clients.
  • Higher rankings when great design is implemented with a complimentary SEO strategy.
  • Helps maintain and strengthen your brand through consistent and professional design systems.
  • Builds trust with your audience, which helps conversions.
  • Allows for future expansion of website functionality.

What does Website Design include?

    Every website design is different and customized to your needs and your ideal audience.  However, there are some things that you will never have to worry about when partnering with me for your website needs, because I build these into each project.  Fewer things to worry about!
  • Mobile-first design because chances are your visitors will visit your website from their phones first.
  • SEO Optimization so that your website is found by people who are looking for your product or service in your area.
  • Copy that is designed to Convert visitors to clients.
  • All the super technical stuff taken care of, including DNS, hosting, caching, CDN's and support if anything breaks.

Website Design Process

Step 1: Research and Strategy

Successful websites are built on a solid foundation of deep market research, finding customers that your business serves best, and mapping your customer journey.  From there, we can implement the ideal strategy to help you better connect with your ideal clients.
Step 1: Research and Strategy

Step 2: Design and Development

Your website should not only look amazing, but also clearly convey your businesses message to your ideal customers.  Your website should be optimized for all devices, and rank for the keywords your ideal customers are searching for.  I do everything possible to make sure all these elements are clearly defined on your website.
Step 2: Design and Development

Step 3: Rank and Maintain

Once your website launches, it requires continous monitoring to check that  your rankings are improving and that your content stays up to date and relevant to your audience.  Continous tests and monitoring improve your site to get the best return possible.
Step 3: Rank and Maintain
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