Setting up a Powerful WordPress L2MP Stack

Introduction This post is about setting up a very powerful WordPress stack using the L2MP Stack. I gave a presentation on this topic during a Houston WordPress Meetup and you can see the video below and download the Presentation here. In addition to the L2MP stack, this post will talk about the amazing performance improvements […]

How to Install WordPress in your VPS

Installing WordPress in your own VPS (Virtual Private Server) can seem somewhat daunting in an age of cPanel, Plesk and One-click installs.  However, if you want maximum control over your wordpress installation for security and performance reasons, then manually installing WordPress in your server is the way to go. First, we must check that we […]

WordPress Security Practices

Best Wordpress Security Features for 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, one of the most important topics in the WordPress community is Security. Since WordPress powers around 25-30% of the active websites today, it presents a big target for hackers and bots looking to exploit security vulnerabilities. This article will explain the steps I take to secure my WordPress websites. […]